Gransol Africa Limited is licensed as Telecommunication Contractor by The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), by The National Constructions Authority (NCA) as contractors for building and electrical works, and by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) as an Electrical Contractor

NCA License Building 2023_2024

Certification 1

NCA License Building 2023-2024

Certification 2

NCA License Electrical 2023-2024

NCA License Electrical 2023_2024
CA contractor license 2023_2024

Certification 3

CA Contractor Certificate 2023-2024

Certification 4

EPRA Electrical Contractor License 2023/24

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Gransol Africa is setting the pace for solutions projects throughout the region and setting a new standard for quality and service in both the commercial and residential sectors. We are considered as one of the best companies in East Africa by our clients and partners.