Gransol Africa Limited conducts periodic recertification and re-evaluation for all the internal experts in concert with equipment manufacturers to keep our skill levels high and up to date.
We are involved in different spheres of telecommunication project.

Pre-installation site surveys

Gransol Africa Limited has vast experience in detailed route design for optical fiber cables as well as RF base stations. We are competent in preparing site surveys which are used to produce the planning design drawings that will eventually be used to produce a confirmed bill of quantities to locate services such as electricity, water etc. The same drawings with maps showing the entire OFC route will be used for wayleaves and permit applications from the relevant authorities. We also specialize in survey of telecommunication sites with concise reports for accurate planning.

Equipment installation and commissioning

Our teams are well trained and experience in deployment of different vendor equipments, including RBS, Microwave links, power solutions and GSM and LTE services for Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE. The teams are also trained and knowledgeable in different Switching and Routing protocols: TCP/IP, Ethernet , MetroEthernet, VLANs , QoS, Wireless technologies; WiFi,WiMAX BSS and NSS equipment installation and commissioning for GSM, UMTS, LTE, T1/E1 TDM (Voice and Data), SDH, Frame Relay , ATM MPLS, VoIP, VSATs and Terrestrial Microwaves. VPN, V3PN Office Automation using Network Operating Systems such as UNIX, Windows Server platforms and Linux ensuring that Internet Services are offered effectively on the Network Infrastructure.

Fiber Splicing, Termination and Testing

Gransol Africa Limited uses fusion technique to terminate the fibre to great precision leading to zero/low losses to meet required international standards Depending on the design of the network, the ITU standards which have to be adopted will be based mainly on the sensitivity of the active terminal equipment and the link budget desired to be achieved in the network. We then do testing using tests equipment to enable us check both continuity and quality of the links.

System Integration

We bring various systems to work together as per the demands of our clients. Our engineers and technicians are trained in various technological fields and are therefore able, through teamwork, to deliver projects involving integration of different systems even if they are from different vendors.

Network Design

Gransol Africa Limited is involved in design of transmission and wireless networks being done by competent, well trained locally and abroad in microwave long and short haul design. The team has also worked with variety of vendor equipment giving them equipment-specific knowledge and experience, from Ericsson, ZTE, Huawei etc

RF optimization

Gransol Africa Limited has experienced teams in drive testing for GSM, UMTS and LTE networks. Our teams have performed several drive test operations in and around east Africa using different test and analysis tools such as Actix, TEMS, Probe, Nemo Outdoor, etc. We also optimize networks through our highly experienced teams and superior equipment and tools. As RF network optimizers, we:

1. Collect data, perform frequency scanning, and analyze the data collected using appropriate tools.
2. Upload and process the data collected after bench-marking
3. Develop drive routes using Mapinfo
4. Perform handover tests, stationary DL/UL throughput test, call test as well as mobility and cluster drive: IRAT and reselection test, ensuring neighbor sites are up.
5. Perform SSV (Single Site Verification) tests to ensure there are no swapped sectors.
6. Work on pre and post migration cluster drives.
7. Test circuit switch fall back technique (CSFB) for supporting voice communication through LTE.
8. Analyze interference, call drops, handover failures, Rx Quality, Rx level